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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing online content to enable Google and other search engines to rank your site or article as high as possible for searches of certain keywords. Nearly 7 out of 10 searches start on Google, equating to over 3.5 billion daily searches on Google alone – not to mention Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines.

Why SEO Matters?

70% of all searches start on Google. Equivalent to 3.5 billion search query.

To index the information on your site accurately and show it as a top search result organically requires SEO. This essentially means you are helping the search engine to find your article or website and show it in the top results whenever a relevant search query is performed for a particular word or phrase.

Ultimately, SEO is a technical practice to promote a website, increase its page visibility and improve traffic.

Our Services

  • Technical SEO: To ensure your website is free from all technical SEO errors, bugs and other critical factors which affect your website structure, performance and traffic.
  • Keyword Research: We expertly search for and implement the best primary and secondary keywords to drive relevant, high-quality traffic to your site.
  • Competition Analysis: Using competitive intelligence we reverse engineer your competitor’s SEO strategy to identify its strengths and weaknesses, adopt and improve upon the strategies working well, and gain an edge.
  • Content Writing: With proper SEO optimized content you will have a solid foundation for your niche, allowing you to acquire more organic traffic to your site.
  • Site Structure Analysis: The more user-friendly the experience, the more appealing your site will be to search engines. We make your website structure SEO friendly to provide a great user experience.
  • Page Speed Data: The time it takes for your pages and website to load can have a huge impact on your traffic and ranking. Increased speed means increased conversions.
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Get Started with SEO Service by RankTact

To begin with, we want to get to know you: what are your requirements, what is the quality of your current website and which of our services are you interested in? From here, we will determine a suitable price.

Our SEO campaigns will be tailored specifically for your site, based on your business and requirements. Our team of technical experts will deliver you a report from which we will implement custom, white hat SEO strategies.

We also provide Social Media Optimization (SMO). Being a professional SMO service provider, RankTact can help you get started with different social media promotions and campaigns that build the trust of visitors toward your business. Social media marketing is almost imperative for the future success of your business.

Why Choose RankTact

We offer quality SEO solutions for all types of businesses, ranging from small and local to large corporations. We understand that every business is different and pride ourselves in ensuring you have the most efficient strategy to attract customers and grow your business online.

Being a professional web services provider, we create and develop unique and engaging websites and promote them utilizing our SEO expertise. With our flexible working strategy, we are always ready to provide you with the digital support you need to get your business online!

We understand that every business owner has a different set of goals for their company, therefore we are eager to learn more about your business and requirements. A free SEO consultation with us will let you know the necessary steps that need to be taken.

What are they saying?

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I was recommended to contact Nab and the guys at RankTact as a one stop shop for everything, as I didn’t get much value with the last agency I was using. They took over my Facebook and Instagram, rebuilt the website and now I can see clearly we have an improvement in customers and inquiries even during the lock down.
Fadi A
CEO & Founder, Fadi Luxe
Fadi A
I’m happy with the service provided. They've trebled our Instagram following organically within 2 weeks. I also like the fact they manage our website, Facebook page and content creations. Very happy with this service.
Alli Ossman
Director at Xperts Hair
Alli Ossman
It's just amazing. I can't understand how we've been running things before we hired Nab and his team. Not able to tell you how happy I am that my sales on Amazon have increased, my ACoS dropped by 20% and now I don't even have to process the orders.
Zo Tlili
Director at Olivernnex
Zo Tlili
Great service, fast, excellent communication and update. I have been using their services for more than a year, I would recommend. Excellent!
Ludo G
Ludo G
On time, highly knowledgeable and great level of service, would definitely recommend. 5 stars !
Jonathan Simpson
Lead Manager
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