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Benefits of Local SEO

  • Easier to rank higher for nearby searches related to your business 
  • More business visibility to local customers with intent
  • Local SEO gets more leads and better conversion
  • More than 65% of local customers use search engines as their main way to find a local business, and about 50% of the customers visit the business within 24 hours of local search.

Local SEO helps your businesses reach local customers within your geographic area.

This helps you get preferential ranking in search within your city, county, state….

The difference between local SEO and organic SEO is the intent.

When your business listing and sites are optimized for ‘local SEO,’ search engines can detect the user’s location intent and rank your pages higher for those enquiries.

As search engine algorithms have been refined over the years, local SEO has become more and more important. The emphasis of ‘local’ allows search engines to give users the most relevant search results for the area they are in, which is why it is such a valuable tool.


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