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Amazon Search Rank and Seo

Listing Optimisation for better search Ranking

70% of all sales on Amazon are dominated by the top 5 search results and over 95% of all sales on page one. If you are not on page one and ideally in the 10 of search results then your are missing out.

At RankTact, we work with you to audit your listing for the reasons why you are not on page one of search and implement a plan to improve to help you achieve a higher more successful position. 

Your Amazon Conversion, SEO And PPC Professionally managed

To appear on top of Amazon search results is a tricky business and it’s even harder than achieving Google Page one result. Reason being, one of main factors to achieving higher Amazon search rankning is sales velocity and since, it’s extremly hard to ahcieve higher sales velocity unless you are already ranked high in searcg results… now you can see the paradox.

Rest assured however, that our team of seo experts have reverse engineered the Amazon X9 search algorithm to find new ways and less known other ranknig factors and we use all this and many more tehcniqyes, like external traffic, complex ppc techniques, advanced keyword configuration and manymore. All this to to help your product achieve a much better organic search ranking in a short time finally until you start to get the sales velocity needed to secure and stay in the top of search spot

Amazon Ads & PPC Professional Management

The Amazon Ads System Is NOT Your Friend.

Amazon Ads are very complex to setup correctly and is an area where mistakes are very expensive financially and can also hurt your conversion rates, bounce rates and other factors that will in turn damage your organic ranking. 

My recommendation here is, if you’re Ads are not bringing you at least a good CVR (conversion percentage) above 12% then disabling the ads would be better for your listing to avoid damaging also your organic search position.

Lower ACoS Is Never achiever with Default & auto Settings

The Amazon PPC system is an automated auction system, that is designed to make sellers outbid each other. Therefore, it’s by design in place to make money for Amazon and not you. 

In almost any case where we have handled a client PPC account that they managed them selves, we can almost always reduce your ACoS (Actual cost of sale) and COA Cost os aquisition. This is because we use more manual rules, we break ads into multiple campains and we manage the costs on a per search term basis and this is very manual work where we give no chance to algorithmic decisions that are never to your advantage.

We Make Amazon PPC Work For You Not Against You.

This is what we can do for you in terms of Amazon Ads, PPC and Paid Search

  • Audit your PPC Setup and your Amazon PPC campaigns. 
  • Create your Ads Campaigns, configured professionally to be cost effective
  • We guarantee to improve your ACoS considerably for existing automatic Ads 
  • We can manage your entire Amazon Ads side of business with very high efficiency
  • ACoS under 10% is achievable and we have multiple clients with results to show.
  • Strategies to use Multiple Ads in different formats to achieve your listing goals 

Bid Optimisation, Negative Keyword Optimisation and Keyword Expansion is key for success.A

Listing Makeover

Graphics and Photography

We have in house photography studio for when a listing needs new photos and in house graphic desiger to design infographics. 

Infographics are important for a listing as they highlight the bullet points and advantages of the product

A Good Infographic and photos can be a huge decisive factor if you have many competitors.

Copyrighting for Bots

To rank well in search means you sell well. Unfortunately good, excellent writing doesn’t gurantee you will get visitors.

This is why our in house writers, are experts in keyword research and techniques to insure what is written about the product is visible and attractive to search engines.

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